Get Loan in simple way

Get Loan in simple way

Get Loan is the most famous version in the Get Loan series of publisher SYCAMORE INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS LIMITED
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Jun 8, 2023
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Get loan information

Get Loan is a professional online “mobile phone mortgage” credit loan application, the conditions are simple, just register an account with a mobile phone number. Committed to providing you with an excellent lending experience 24 hours a day.

*Application steps

Get loan

1. Download and install the Get Loan APP.
2. Use the mobile phone number verification code to register and log in (please read the privacy policy carefully).
3. Carefully read and agree to the Mortgage Agreement
4. Fill in the application information online.
5. Bind a valid bank card.
6. Submit loan application and wait for loan approval.

* Loan application conditions
1. Nigerians (citizens of Nigeria).
2. Age range 18-60 years old.
3. Have a bank account.

*Loan products
Mortgage amount: up to 100,000 can be mortgaged.
Annual interest rate: The lowest annual interest rate is 10%, and the highest annual interest rate is 30%.
Loan Term: The minimum loan term is 180 days and the maximum loan term is 3 year.

Loan example:
Loan Amount = 20000 Naira
Loan Term = 180 days
APR = 10%
Calculation formula:
Total interest = loan amount * annual interest rate * loan term (days) / 365 (days)
Total interest = 20000 *0.1 *180 / 365 =986.3
Total repayment = loan amount * annual interest rate * loan term (days) / 365 (days) + loan amount
Total repayment=20000 *0.1 *180 / 365+20000=20986.3

Office Address: No. 6, Off Galadima Kyari Drive, Mai Deribe Building Maiduguri Borno

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